This weekend was one of playing with toddlers in imaginary fields, drinking too much wine and watching James Moreton make the 10*8 RC prints that I am selling to fund Katil Var. Thankfully the hottest day of the year in England wasn’t matched in James’ Northern Ireland…

I am not physiologically suited to printing. Being red/green colour blind, I can’t see anything under the red lights of a darkroom, and being unable to wink renders focusing on the grain next to impossible. So I was pretty much relegated to being a bit part player in the process. I’d like to think I was the creative director, but, in reality I had the presence of Ivanka Trump at the G20.

Anyhow, after 3 solid days of test prints, minor chemical headaches, dodging and burning, drying and flattening, we ended up with 16 or so reference prints. These are all of the ones I am selling or have sold on this site, plus a few more to sell a bit later. All limited to editions of 20. I must say, they look exceptional.  

After he’s made the 320 prints, James will be learning the far more cumbersome process of lithium printing for an exhibiton I’ll put on.  No rest for the wicked.

Great guy. Great host. Great photographer. Great printer. Thanks mate.


Where I’m at

Many books sold. Negatives selected. Designers chosen. Timetable agreed. November 2019 release date. 

Now things start to happen. Now for concepts. 

What is the book about? Erdogan? Turkey? Violence? Polarisation? Some vain attempt to give meaning to life? 

And who am I? Am I relevant? Am I a photojournalist or simply some guy that placed his life on pause and craved the adrenaline of photography. 

And once I can answer these questions, I will then have to translate answers into an object. Large, small, softback, hardback, landscape, portrait, words, poems, captions, order and positions. 

Taking photos is hard, making books is harder.                

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